Skip Garibaldi on CBS Philly evening news

More frequent lottery winners in PA & NJ

CBS Philly investigated “too frequent” lottery winners in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. You can watch the story by Charlotte Huffman on the station’s webpage.  I helped them with the analysis.  For Pennsylvania the details are similar to the one I did for Florida, which relies on the BKR inequality and log-concavity of the regularized Beta…

Even Hoosiers are up to something with the lottery

The Indiana Lottery has said it will improve its security procedures in response to an ABC News 6 (WRTV Indianapolis) story.  The station, with my assistance, investigated frequent lottery winners in Indiana and found several who had claimed “suspiciously many” prizes and were affiliated with lottery retailers.

Suspicious lottery winners in California on KCBS tonight

I previously collaborated with reporters in Florida (Lawrence Mower with the Palm Beach Post) and Georgia (Sean Sposito from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution) to identify people who have claimed “suspiciously many” prizes in the lottery, and tonight the results of a similar analysis for California, done with reporter David Goldstein, will air on KCBS2 on the…

Math leads to law enforcement activity

I did some mathematical consulting for an investigative report about lottery hijinks done by the Palm Beach Post. The Florida lottery responded quickly and raided the stores frequented by the top suspects.   Update (5/16/14): The Florida lottery has now suspended sales at 11 more stores, bringing the total to 14. Update (6/1/14): Louis Johnson, the top…

On 20/20

I’ll be on 20/20 tonight 10 eastern/9 central talking about how casting out the nines (modular arithmetic mod 9) doesn’t predict the future.