IPAM tourist tips


I recommend using Yelp to find restaurants. Here are some places that our visitors have remarked on as being good and reasonably priced.

Quick serve:

Sit down:

  • Shamshiri grill (map): Persian restaurant; a bit of a hike
  • Frida (map): somewhat pricey Mexican food; best is to sit at the bar for their all-day happy hour


  • The closest coffee shop to IPAM is Kerckhoff coffee house (map).
  • There are lots of other coffee places in Westwood (Starbucks, Coffee Bean, etc.), but the nearest pour-over coffee is Boba Loca on Weyburn. Coffee snobs may prefer Espresso Profeta.


Google map link for some nearby tourist attractions.  If you have any additions to suggest, please tell me.

For an afternoon excursion, you might consider:

  • The Murphy Sculpture Garden (map) is just a stroll away from IPAM and contains some mathematical sculptures such as Serra’s “Torqued ellipse” and “Point as a set
  • The Hammer museum (map) is about 25 minutes away by foot and is also free
  • The Getty Center museum (map) is world famous and is, unimaginably, also free.  The building was designed by Richard Meier and is spectacular.  I think the building and the views of LA are the real attraction here, but your mileage may vary.  You should take the 233 or 761 bus from Hilgard & Westholme to get there; here is Google’s advice.  It is possible to walk there, but the walk is unpleasant.
  • Take a hike in the Santa Monica Mountains. Maybe the lowest-stress way to do it is to take the bus to Will Rogers State Park where a short hike gives some great views of the ocean.
  • Go to the beach. Easiest is to take the bus which will take you directly to the Santa Monica Pier, which became famous as the western endpoint of Route 66.

Things to do in LA

Read LA Weekly (free weekly newspaper) for music listings; you can find it in the Kerchoff coffee house.  You might try to catch a show at a famous venue like the Whiskey.

Check out the map of tourist attractions or architectural sites.


The most popular running route at UCLA is the campus perimeter, and here are several others.

Rock climbing near UCLA (Google map).